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Learn more about the songs for the Newsong Cafe on March 25. Click on the song for lyrics and a link to listen to the song.


These first two songs could be referred to as “gathering” songs. They will be used many times to begin our worship services, as they clearly and simply articulate core truths about the purpose of our gathering together.

“Today is the Day,” by Lincoln Brewster and Paul Baloche, helps us to express the truth of Psalm 118:24, trusting our Sovereign God for what ever He has in store for this day.
Today Is the Day

Reuben Morgan of Hillsong wrote “For All You’ve Done.” It sets our agenda for the child of the redeemed…to rehearse the story and respond with praise.
For All You’ve Done


Two new songs were introduced to our repertoire during the previous sermon series on “Serving the World.” Our emphasis in our music was on Jesus Christ, the ultimate example of obedience and servanthood.

“To the Glory of God,” written by Pastor Chad, is based on Philippians 2:1-11. Christ lived a life of humble obedience to the Father, and ultimately He was exalted and God was glorified. When we follow Christ’s example, the results are the same.
To the Glory of God

“Behold our God” is a Sovereign Grace song from their “Risen” album. As we gaze at our God, awe at His majesty becomes submission to His sovereignty, and then gratitude and praise to Jesus Christ.
Behold Our God


Pastor Chad and Doug collaborated on “Glorious Hope” for this past Advent season. The Old testament saints had hope that God’s glory would be revealed. In Jesus, the Word made flesh, that hope was realized, as they beheld God’s glory. Beyond that is the mystery of the gospel, “Christ in us the hope of glory.” God is with, for and in us, and we wait for the second coming of our Lord. This is a glorious hope, a “hope full of God’s glory.”
Glorious Hope


Our next sermon series is “The Process of Salvation.” We’ll be digging in the depths of the glorious gospel of our salvation, and our songs will help us to reflect deeply on those truths as well.

“Come Praise and Glorify” is another Sovereign Grace song, from their latest album “The Gathering.” It closely follows Ephesians 1:3-14, expressing the incredible gift of the gospel through Christ and then inviting us to respond.
Come and Glorify

In “Glorious Day,” Casting Crowns has reset the lyrics of the classic hymn “One Day” with a new tune. Giving us a wonderful opportunity to rehearse the life of Christ and rejoice in our union with Him.
Glorious Day

Pastor Doug wrote this song while reflecting upon the opening lines of the prayer the Lord taught His disciples. The first two verses speak to the work of the Father in our redemption which culminates in the final verse through our properly representing His reign as community, servant and messenger.
We Proclaim


We will be teaching this song for Easter and the surrounding weeks. It is also from Sovereign Grace, on an album entitled “Risen”. Think of I Corinthians 15: if Christ is not raised, then we have no hope, we are of all men most miserable. But Christ is raised – thanks be to God!
Be looking for details about ALIVE, a special worship event on Friday night, April 20th at CBC.
You Have Been Raised


A couple of our songs focus on the power and majesty of God, and prompt us to greater faith and dependence in light of His greatness and might.

“A Mighty Fortress” by Christy Nockels points us to God’s eternal presence, power and love.
A Mighty Fortress

“Your Great Name” by Natalie Grant helps us to celebrate the power and greatness of Jesus, Who conquered every foe and who is our Savior and King.
Your Great Name


“Carry Your Name” is a response song that we’ll be using throughout the salvation series. As we consider what Christ has done for us, we purpose to live worthy of His great name, and tell the story to others.
Carry Your Name