At CBC, we believe the church is to be a blended community, unified not by our preferences or tastes, but by our common Savior and Lord. We select music for our services not on the basis of style or trends of the day, but because of what it communicates about God, and how it can prompt us to respond to God. The songs we sing in our gatherings remind us of our unity as a church: that we belong to God our Father through the person and work of Jesus Christ, and we are indwelt with the Spirit to worship with one heart and one voice.

One or two times a year on Sunday evening our church sanctuary becomes the Newsong Café. We enjoy refreshments in a casual setting, and learn some new songs together. We learn why songs are being added to our Sunday morning “playlist,” and how they fit with the upcoming sermon series. We learn Scriptures that form the basis for these songs, and meaningful phrases and ideas to be looking for as we sing them together.

Please join us for a great time of fellowship, learning, and worship.